"Like sipping whiskey in vocal form"”

— George Woods


JBJ Music


JBJ, a singer/songwriter from Boston, completed his first solo album, Tin Man, in the spring of 2015. He released his second solo album, So Close, February 2018 and is currently working on his third. Originally from Texas, JBJ's life as a musician began at a young age as a drummer in his father's church. Growing up as the third son of a preacher was not easy and JBJ found his salvation through music. Eleven years ago, JBJ carved his own path and made his way to the Northeast, working various jobs to keep afloat. He landed a job as a worship director and over the last 7 years has gained invaluable experience leading a band, working on dynamics and honing his skills as a performer. While working full-time, JBJ has been getting out to perform in several local venues, has completed two albums and is currently working on his third. Although he plays all the instruments on his albums, JBJ hand-picks a group of seasoned musicians to play his music (as well as choice covers) for live gigs. This group of passionate musicians with different backgrounds and styles make up JBJ's band, Blended Family. JBJ's wild, yet melodic voice (“like sipping whiskey in vocal form” - says George Woods  from Lizard Lounge) and mastery of his incredible range from a low rumble to a haunting falsetto and soul-filled performance, command the attention of any room. As a solo artist or with his band, JBJ will bring a passion to all of his performances. He says he plans on making music until "he is all out". 

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